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    My custom CMS + Designed Portfolio site.
I have utilized a very simple grid/box design.
The website has a proprietary CMS system that I use myself. The site has been coded from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.
Go to the site and type in "psy" (without quotes) for a gangnam surprise :)
Please check it out!

The website has the ability to share indiviudal works via social media networks and view them individually.
The most important feature in my opinion is the fact that the website does not actually refresh anytime. I have made it so it eliminates the "stutter" or "flash" of transitioning pages when website jumps to another.
In this site, it transitions smoothly into the other. 
2nd revision makes it much better for Tablets. Touch gestures are added to swipe through images via left/right gestures. The layout is improved and the code is more optimized so the site navigates even faster. More CSS Animation and Javascript/Jquery clean-up has been done so that the entire experience is cleaner and more fluid.
3rd revision includes a complete rehaul of the CSS table and HTML, optimizing and re-utilizing code. It's a much more robust, modular, and efficient table. A lot of the design + UI elements have been designed to unify the experience. Tablet touch experience is toned as well. It also includes a way to filter out / categorize work. The feature was very easy to add since the custom CMS is very modular and efficient. It also enables hardware acceleration for Tablet/Smartphones. I have also added a WIP (Work In progress) section where I can just snap a picture with my phone (of what I'm currently working on).  Also it supports roll-over view of the work (So final picture will go to the first when scrolled, vice-versa). Finally, it has a lot of SEO improvements.
4th revision includes a brand new Smartphone layout and the header is fixed.
5th revision changes the Work In Progress / WIP Section so that it now randomly cycle photos of WIP works. Finally, a spinning loader will appear between page loads. There are significant Javascript engine changes as well as the PHP Backend.
6th revision includes "BACK" button feature! Before, the native browser's back button cannot be utilized until now. Unified code for viewing single works referred via social networks VS viewing natively is now the same. All bugs should be fixed.
7th revision now a completely re-worked Javascript engine for the entire site. I have now minified the Javascript and CSS as I believe it's finished. Additional touch gestures added. When work is being viewed, if you swipe up, it will exit the work. If you swipe down, it will hide the description. (Then if you swipe up again, it will show the description, If you swipe again, it will exit like normal)
8th revision includes all of the images optimized.
v8.1 includes "rolling" image reveal when the "Work" page is clicked. (however this does not happen when sub-categories are clicked" on purpose, it will be too distracting if it did this all the time).
I am almost done on the CMS Back-end engine for distribution. It will be installable, etc, etc. More details to come!
9th will also include a blog section..