San Francisco Illustrated Poster: Faster, Driver!
Faster, Driver!
A San Francisco inspired adventure
After arriving in SF, one of the first things we did was hop on a trolley down to the pier. Which was great, buttttt maybe a little slow. So I came to this reaction piece thinking, what may it have been like if things were a bit quicker. I remember a few of the people on board looking a little square, and thought id be funny to create that juxtaposition between dullness and excitement. Using the wide shot to display the mundane, and the panel pop ups as a way to zoom in on the speed!
This is my actual process lol. I block things out in illustrator (after sketching on paper or on an iPad) and really let the power of illustrator assist me with my indecision. It allows me to rearrange and resize as much as I desire. Then I usually take each element, break em off, and create them, and finally smooth them all back in together cohesively.