Focus: The Braceros of Ventura County

"Focus: The Braceros of Ventura County" is the local portion of traveling Smithsonian exhibit at Cal State Channel Islands about the Bracero labor movement from 1942-1964. This was a large group design project and involved making a wide assortment of pieces including posters,info-graphics, large panoramic photos, brochures, postcards, and artifact plaques.

The project also involved coordinating with a research team and working both Spanish and English into some of the pieces. The end result is definitely something to be proud of. Showcased here are some of the highlights of the project in their finished form. 
Bracero Timeline (50"x30") This timeline covers all of the major dates in both local and national Bracero history. The green bar notes national events, while the blue lists local. Interestingly enough this is the only piece to use both an English and a Spanish version of the exhibit logo, seen in the top left and right corners.
(8"x6") Fifteen different placards were maid to showcase Bracero artifacts. Descriptive text is in both English and Spanish.
These were early Photoshop mock-ups done to help visualize placement of pieces and scale.
(6"x9") Programming calendar for various events surrounding the exhibit to be mailed out.
(24"x36") This piece highlights important physical characteristics that define a Bracero. All text is in both English and Spanish.