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    In many regards, this is my Project of the Year—by intensity, time constraints, diversity, creativity, volume of work, number of models and team … Read More
    In many regards, this is my Project of the Year—by intensity, time constraints, diversity, creativity, volume of work, number of models and team members involved, and finally, by my input as an art director and stylist. Everything was shot in four sets within an eight-day span, involving 13 models, and one re-take. Each theme was fully developed by me, from hand-picking the wardrobe, to crafting the props and details of outfit, to directing makeup and hair styling, and of course, lighting and photographing. I also chose to shoot most of the themes in a tight corner room of an otherwise enormous studio, not to use typical glossy and even lighting, and envisioned the output entirely in B&W—an unprecedented step for DaNu radio, the organizers of the project. This is not my personal project but a commissioned work with sponsors involved. However, to be able to better function and express myself, I had to trick myself into thinking of it as my personal art project. Read Less
The sponsor of this theme is Cmple, offering cable installation. I weaved the web out of their cables the night before the shoot.
Sponsor: Maximillion Realty. I wanted to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. One of the lights projected the shadow of a window which was cut out of a carton.
Sponsor: Dnipro, international shipping courier. My theme became a Baroque outfit with the dress skirt made out of two types of shipping bubble wrap with the use of wire carcass to maintain the form.
Sponsor: NetCost Market, a supermarket chain. The Caviar hat provided by my long-time client, Anya Caliendo, couture millinery designer of Anya Caliendo Millinery Atelier. The model was covered with the fishing net.
Sponsor: U-Mode Hair Salon. This shoot took 3.5 hours to nail the shadows down.  Two pieces of carton were used to create shadows on the face, and another piece placed in the corner behind to get a vertical pillar of shadow. Seemingly simple things may really tire you down.
Sponsor: GrandPrix Motors. This shoot took two days. I was not happy with the first session and when trying to fall asleep at the end of the day, a vision of Atlas dawned on me so I send a midnight SMS to the organizer and asked the models to return the following day. The wheel was too heavy and they would not hold it gracefully for a single moment. We had to tie the wheel to a cable and climb the wall above to hold the wheel hanging. Cable removed in Photoshop.
Sponsor: Kings Highway Vision Center. No Photoshop collage. The model is standing behind a bed sheet. I cut out the shape of sun glasses and brought her silhouette by back-lighting through the sheet.
Sponsor: Khortytsa Vodka. Smoke created by a fog machine, with a bottle and ice on a draped table in front, forming a "continuity" with the fog.
Sponsor: Trinity Printing. The simple concept is "the print is so real". In practice, hair blown by two fans in front and to the side of the model. It still had to be supported and held up by two wires (removed in Photoshop).
Sponsor: Five Star Liquors. I build a column of plastic martini glasses, attached to the wall with a scotch tape. The concept was to direct and spread the light in a fanning way, hence the fan in model's hands.
Sponsor: Rasputin Restaurant and Cabaret. Cabaret says it all. Unlike all other themes in this project, I used a single source of directional light to accentuate the contrast and "paparazzi" feel.
Sponsor: Yoga Spot. Simple concept of balance -- water and fire (some may think of hot yoga, too). Fire cans in the background, wet hair and tunic on the model with sprinkled water drops on the body.