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Watching Black Panther for the first time, the inner child in me stood up on the seat, jumping, crying and cheering in tears. 

This movie was not a revolution. 

It was a call to action to evolve to what we once were and could be.. 

With the "take no mess" energy that Astra "Funky Chunkyy" Marie brings and the creative direction of my digital genie, Zachary Bxllion, the Black Panther tribute was created

The markings on her body were inspired by Shuri's face paint (top of head), W'Kabi's scars (side of cheeks), the symbols in T'Challa's suit (cheek/ chin/ hands), the linework in Killmonger's Black Panther suit (upper thigh), Zuri's face paint (thy/leg) and the pattern in Okoye's red suit (thigh)

Materials used: Mehron paradise makeup (white), Mehron metallic gold powder

Any questions about the process, please drop them below and also share your feedback!
Photography and Graphic Design created by Zachary Bxllion: http://www.zacharybxllion.com/