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    A personal illustration exploring altered states of consciousness.
The theory of reaching higher states of consciousness is something that has always fascinated me, whether it be through meditation, dancing or psychoactive substances. This piece is an interpretation of a soul leaving the body and soaring high into another dimension, which is a sacred place filled with knoweldge and understanding: a 'mother culture' from which all ancient civilizations tapped into and a place we are now strictly forbidden to enter.

I would highly recommend everybody to go and read the work of Graham Hancock and Dr. Rick Strassman for further information. 
Above we can see the molecular structures of both LSD (Left) and THC (Right) which represent the two ends of the entheogenic spectrum, both are highly valued substances in the pyshedelic research field. Are these substances the key to exploring our subconscious? Research is on going but from my own personal experiences I would say very much so. 
In ancient Egypt the Ankh, or Key of Life represent eternal life. I believe as a society we are developing technology at such a ferocious speed that our spiritual selves are being ignored, as we are turned into dull worker drones. By 'spiritual' I don't mean in any religous context, but in an understanding of ourselves context: who are we and what can we accomplish.

I believe by attaining higher states of consciousness we can start to address this problem and look at ourselves and then the world from a different perspective.
 To me the Ankh symbolises the path we must chose to correct our broken societies.
There are scientist who are taking psychedelic research very seriously and we must try to break down our prejudices towards it and move into a bold and open minded new world.
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