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    Today our aim is to build “dream floor” specific for Cancer children in all hospitals, designed colorfully in order to transcend and break the co… Read More
    Today our aim is to build “dream floor” specific for Cancer children in all hospitals, designed colorfully in order to transcend and break the concept of it being a hospital room. Read Less

Today our aim is to build dream floor specific for Cancer children in all hospitals across Lebanon, designed colorfully in order to transcend and break the concept of it being a hospital room. Since children spend a great deal of time in the hospital, their fantasies are sized down to simple questions such as when do we get well? with this hard reality in mind, toufoulas aim is to provide children with an improved ambiance in order to overcome the many obstacles they face compared to other children who can live their dreams.
Bernard Khoury | Architect
Our design is an L-shaped object fixed to the ceiling. a control system allows the children to change the colors of their portion of the   sky accordingly to their mood.
Erga Group | Architect
Green room, to design a home kids bedroom not a hospital room. to insist on using ecological materials. to profit of the direct sunlight and to use all rainbow colors.
Galal Mahmoud | Architect
The most secure place for a child is the mother belly or the egg where the baby can live different senses: a sense of security and protection; a sense of calm and peace; and a sense of relaxation.
Gina Succar | Painter
A Sea, Sand and Sky Room, where the child is like a free bird
| Architect
A fun room, which makes the child an artist by creating a story with the characters drawn on the wall.
Jean Louis Mainguy | Architect
“Le voyage par la couleur pour guérir les plaies de l’âme”.
Joseph Chartouni | Architect
To transform the typical monotonous patient’s room into a child’s personal space defined by a magnetic wall. having the self-expressive magnets as their tools, children can express their thoughts and feelings.
JWT | Advertising agency
“I believe I can fly”, with the help of hsbc, this room has been designed to bring every child’s dream, of wanting to fly and have the power to experience a whole new world.
| Architect
To create an interactive room where the child will be the main performer, playfully converting his own space.
| Architect
In the wild, how to give the impression that we are outside even if we are inside? a space that offered the child items found in nature but with a twist of contemporary design.
 | Architect
The room is made of white boards, in clouds shapes, to give to children the possibility of drawing anything anywhere.
 | Architect
Designing a surprising room, within this grid, we chose some squares to become secret spaces, containers or light boxes, to become frames open for the children’s intervention.
| Architect
A room that has quality of space with powerful impact on the healing process, through the subtle manipulation of textures, colors and shapes.
| Illustrator
“La bande dessinée murale de cette chambre d’hôpital devait être muette, pour être comprise par des enfants arabophones, francophones et anglophones”.
Nada Debs | Interior Designer
A playroom diwan for getting together in a relaxed fashion to read and have fun.
Nadim Karam | Architect
A sky-cloud with interactive constellations of stars. a source of joy and diversity for the kids; and with each visit the possibility of a different experience.
Pascal Tarabey | Architect
An appeasing space for kids. by the interactive wall which holds a storyboard that the child assembles himself by fitting several shapes into their right place just like a puzzle.
| Architect
This corridor is a delightful and meaningful place with multiple episodes that stimulate memory, reflection and relations.
Rabih Keyrouz | Fashion Designer
“Let’s Play”, a lingeringmobile of shapes and colors following a winding yellow brick road like in“Alice in Wonderland”.
| Architect
To animate that room wall and combine all functions in it. all functions used by visitors, patients and doctors, are integrated in this wall: a multifunction wall.
| Architect 
A poetic and symbolic reinterpretation of the sky in a cloud shaped room that evokes reverie in an airy world of fantasy.
| Illustrator
The characters drawn on the wall have a role which is to play with the kids and entertain them during their treatment.
| Architect
To let the child think that he is not confined in a room but actually laying in a garden with a view of a house and greenery.
Zuhair Murad | Fashion Designer
Taking the kids out of the reality and allow them to imagine they are designers themselves by mix and matching the different options of garments on the imaginary characters on the wall.