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    Corporate identity for "Solvia - Integrated Design Technology Solutions" company.
Solvia - Integrated Design Technology Solutions
[Corporate identity]
Solvia studio is an Integrated Design Consultancy, based in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. They exist to provide advising to building design professionals, contractors and owners, through their innovative technology platform. The company help their clients treat buildings as “living” forms, inject added-value in their projects and make more informed decisions with a life cycle focus.
Somewhere in the intersection of   design & construction, operations & performance, and finance processes lays the Building Science. Furthermore, the Architecture / Engineering / Construction / Owner (AECO) industry is being transformed by technology, as we move towards paperless information and communication technology (ICT) tools as a way of doing business. Solvia studio brings the technology to integrate the above aspects, along with a passion for sustainability to improve buildings’ design, construction and future operations. We believe that the design stage is the major step in a building’s life cycle, as it has the largest impact on the final outcome and performance. Our integrated design platform incorporates the building “behavior” and the lifecycle focus drives the design on the basis of the building’s future operations, energy performance and finance. Moreover, our innovative energy thinking brings the consumer to the center of the map. This allows for “greenness” assessment early in the design process (new buildings) or for real-time monitoring, as well as solar studies and daylight analyses (existent buildings).
Solvia studio utilizes an online cloud space to share models, drawings and analyses to clients regardless of their location helping the client move the project beyond 3D graphic design representation by offering:

1) Design Consulting (Design Integration / What-if Analysis / Collaborative design)
2) Sustainability (Envelope optimization / Passive design / Energy Modeling)
3)Project Support (Data Management / Efficient documentation)

The Branding Process:
Our key focus was to create an amazing highly recognizable logo and brand identity for "Solvia". The identity was carefully crafted knowing what it takes to bring the best solutions for a modern brand. The corporate image had to be innovative and avant-garde opposed to the existing classic standards of the marketplace. We proposed a fresh and irreverent design without losing the essence of the structure, the function of the shape and the minimalism which we automatically relate to the field of contemporary brands of the marketplace. The branding process began with the logo design referring to the company name, complemented by a professional and clean typography which follows a square grid system. The letters with the round shapes gave the company a dynamic tone and became an ideal starting point for further design process. The logo is a combination of  a hexagon refering to the structure (which seen from an isometric point of view is also a cube) and the letter 'S' from the main letter of the brand name. We developed a clean, minimal and structured corporate identity in order to reflect the modern aesthetics and the minimalistic philosophy of the company. The corporate colours of the brand were chosen to be: white, black and natural green implemented in all applications of the identity. The supplementary typeface used for the subtitle is PF Haus Square Pro by Parachute , a square geometric sans-serif intended for display purposes influenced by the Bauhaus movement and the principles of the "New Typography". The content of the whole pack and the basic applications that we recommended for the formal representation of the company consists of the following mentioned: corporate logo, business cards, corporate folder, letterhead, envelopes, cd packaging, promotional material (t-shirt) as well as a moleskine leather notebook.

Basic Keywords:
Sol = sol. from the word "solution"(latin) -> a good keyword for consulting.
Via = way, path (latin)

Supplementary keywords:
Design, Efficiency, Architecture, Green, Building, Energy, Intelligent design, Technology, Sustainable future, Collaboration, Innovation, Practicality, Affordability, Integration, Global, Optimization, Holistic, Added value, Error-free.