Galaxy UNPACKED 2018 1H
Set, Props & Costume

Samsung Galaxy S9 presentation with the participation of Sila Sveta took place in Barcelona
in February 2018.

The world premiere of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ took place in February 2018 with the participation of Sila Sveta. We produced artful content for the opening and the closing acts of the show.

Galaxy Unpacked 2018 — a key presentation by Samsung Mobile, was held ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This time we were once again provided with huge LED setup for the show. The total area of the four screens amounted to almost 1,000 sq m (10,000 sq ft) — the 360-degree structure was clearly visible for more than 5,000 people in the venue.

We suggested to complete this huge cube with smart-LED strip lights. We also incorporated them in multimedia content for opening and closing acts for a fully immersive effect.

One of the most complicated elements of the show was the animation of a dandelion created in our studio for the closing video sequence. The original model of the dandelion was provided by the client and we had to comply with the standards. The dandelion is a symbol of slow motion video filming — one of the key features of the new smartphone’s camera. The whole animation was created in Cinema 4D.

here is
the show

Art Director Arthur Kondrashenkov
Producer Anastasia Lepikhova 
Creative Director Alexander Us 
Supervisor Zoya Kharakoz
Executive Producers Alexander Us, Alexey Rozov 
Production Director Mikhail Dadaev
Head of Production Department Denis Sidorenko 
CG-artists Yaroslav Svyatikh, Sergey Akulyonok, Zoya Kharakoz, Arthur Kondrashenkov, Seva Kanischev, Anton Nguen, Mikhail Dadaev
Music and sound-design Monoleak
Filming Evgeniy Arkhipov

Galaxy UNPACKED 2018 1H