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    The design of the vehicle, is defined as a single passenger mobility unit, for inner city megapolis commute for the year 2021.
, is defined as a single passenger mobility unit, for inner city megapolis commute for the year 2021. The name UVO is an acronym for Urban Vehicular Ovalon, an oval form with two parallel axis, which geometrically is an all-rounded balanced enclosed body, like that on an egg. The design styling of the vehicle is compact, minimalistic, thrilling and inviting. A one passenger mobility unit, which provides on demand access for movement and parking solution in megacities of 2021.The drive-link ability, allows UVO vehicles to synchronise into a formation with other UVO vehicles using proximity radar technology while driving,  forming a controlled drive-linkage between a group of cars into one cluster. The drive-link enables a gathering of UVO vehicles, to move along the same path without using up all of the road lane, while still having the control and ability to leave the cluster at any time. In turn this provides efficient driving dynamics by reducing traffic and congestion factors.  The vehicle features an advanced fuel cell technology, with two efficient electric motors situated in its wheels.  The magnets in the motors, act as stabilising gyroscopes in maintaining the vehicle up right, once in movement and braking. The wireless energy transformers, are rechargeable parking hot-spots for UVO vehicles across the city, they re-charge the vehicles wirelessly using electromagnetic induction technology whilst the vehicle is parked. Partnered with holographic head up display projection, the interior is the control center of the new driving experience of 2021. The controls of the vehicle consist of motion sensitive arm holsters, these units are responsible for manoeuvring and accelerating the vehicle with ability to stop at the touch of a motion. Driving a UVO, is ever more alluring and entertaining for young and elderly generation of tomorrow.