Bioceutical Skincare Solution, PRO RE NATA
Bioceutical Skincare Solution, PRO RE NATA
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PRO RE NATA is a bioceutical skincare brand that applies a systematic solution based on natural ingredients and biotechnology. Most competitors insist on being “professional”, but PRO RE NATA differentiates by setting the core of the brand as “authenticity”, focusing on healthy living. “PRO RE NATA”, a professional term used by doctors and pharmacists in prescriptions, means ‘as needed’ or ‘as the situation arises’. The overall design is deliberately reminiscent of a prescription to establish the identity of a bioceutical skin solution that embodies the professionalism of doctors.

Creative Director : Shin Myungsup
BX Planner : Im Taesu, Kim Jisu
BX Designer : Lee Hyojin, Choi Suji, Kim Yura

Chief Executive Officer : Philip Lee, Jaeil Kim
General Manager : Jooyoung Park
Assistant Manager : Sunjung Park, Hyeri Park, Minah Cho

Bioceutical Skincare Solution, PRO RE NATA
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