Mini - Real Memories
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Mini Real Memories
Branded Short I Live-Action I VR 

A psychotherapist manipulates his own patient’s memories to distort his reality. A 360° short film with stylistic roots in theater.

The film follows Max, who is in search for himself and his own past which is being distorted by his psychotherapist through emotional reasoning based on setup clues. As the film goes backwards in time, the deteriorated apartment flourishes with life and sunlight again. Everything changes about Max and the environment around us. As the film gets to the its end, Max finds his own beginning.

The final project was released through New York Times VR mobile application along with 1 million distributed headsets.

Brand: Mini
Agency: KKLD
Production: Unit9
Writing & Direction: Bipolar Studio
VR Filming & Post Production: Bipolar Studio

Case Study

When we started working on the project we knew that the short film was going to be very unique for the medium.

The goal was to create not a 360° film, but a film in 360°. We wanted to bring the visual aesthetic and quality of cinema. Since this could not have been done with available rigs, we set out to create a custom solution in order to being the project to life.
Our team began an R&D process using RED cameras along with a bespoke internal stitching tool. A custom plate was machined aligning the cameras specifically for the project needs and locations.

We were able to capture the changes in the scene lighting, and art direction with great detail and dynamic range. The large resolution also allowed us to capture the emotions on the faces of
the talent along with the changes in the environment as time kept jumping backwards.

We wanted to differentiate the colors and the palette for each time segment as visually this was something very exciting in 360°.We continued our meticulous process in every step of the way to deliver a cinematically crafted 360° film.