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MeetingPoint Gallery Mural
Street Art
MeetingPoint Gallery Mural
Espai Txema Bio-Biult, Calle Montalegre 4, Barcelona.

The concept is to illustrate different emotions of people and portray their behaviours. As I’m interested in people attitudes, therefore I used different techniques to express various poses. I combined spray paint, brush strokes and heavy medium to express contrasting feelings or desires. In this piece of work, I was searching for a transition between clean graphic aesthetics and artistic expression.

MeetingPoint Gallery is located next to the MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona in the heart of Raval and city centre. It's a project led by creators of CheckPointMusicArt who intend to involve citizenship in a meeting and exchange of healthy collective experiences, performing cultural artistic events and emerging artists to have the capacity to work in all areas of creativity; painting, sculpture, music and design. The Gallery was born to expose upcycle crafts, exhibitions and workshops, learning platform where multiplicity of visions about different genres can be shared.

Massive thanks to mn_ice for a great video. 

Progress Shots


Final Shot

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MeetingPoint Gallery Mural