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Colonies / UI Design

This is a standard Pause Menu with basic information about the current state of the  player :

Their current mission, including various lore information about the current level, the story so far and their various active and completed objectives. To add to the visual design of the UI and to the lore, an Illustration of the colony (simply the planet, or a more complex retro-futurist illustration.)

The player's equipped weapons, with an illustration or a 3D object of the weapons, and their stats. The player cannot equip other weapons during the mission, only between missions or at their starship at the beginning of a level.

Their inventory, where the player can see everything they have collected so far. The player cannot manage their inventory in the pause menu and instead have to find Workstations inside levels.

The Starship Menu can only be accessed between levels and at the beginning of each levels. This is where the player can detect new planets, manage their inventory, create new weapons and upgrade their Astro Suit.

The Detector allows the player to find new colonies where the story will continue. Using something similar to a telescope, and with the help of a sine wave, audio feedback and haptic feedback, the player can find the location of the colonies in space.
The Spacemap allows the player to access different colonies. This is also the menu where the player is transported when they detect a new colony. Using this menu, the player can access new and go back to previous colonies.
The Workshop is there the player can create new weapons. It is accessible only within the Spacecraft or in workstations found sporadically in the levels. At the right of the screen, a toolbox contains every piece the player has in their inventory. There is also a "Create" button at the bottom, allowing the player to use their scraps to create their own pieces. A 3D representation of the weapon can be seen in the centre of the screen. The player can rotate the weapon, use the cursor to select previously placed pieces to remove them, and more.
The Astro Suit menu allows the player to upgrade their Astro Suit to improve skills or acquire new ones.
The player can manage their inventory within the Workshop. They can especially turn weapons into scraps.
Some of the illustrations used in the animated mock-ups are not mine and used to depict how the UI would function.
Colonies / UI Design

Colonies / UI Design

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