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farm of hope / mentoring

the story

In 2017,  a group of students from Ayb school's photo club, decided to explore the most important scopes of photography. They realized that it is not just a tool for capturing the moment, but it is  a way of supporting people and helping to solve their vital problems. They found a family in "Huysi Avan", a district in Yerevan, Armenia, where a family, consisting of twelve members; father, mother and 10 children, were living in terrible conditions. They had no money to take care of their children and to take care of their daily needs. 
first steps

The team decided to start a crowdfunding campaign of to help the family of Khachatryans to create and expand their small business. The goal was to secure funding for 10 chickens, 3 turkeys and 2 ducks. Having their farm they would gain the opportunity to live a normal life and provide worriless childhood for their kids. By expanding their farm, they would be able to sell the goods or exchange them for the stuff they needed.
the result

The team was divided into several groups: one of them was responsible for journalism for the project, the other for photography, and the third one was managing the crowdfunding project on After digging deeper and studying the story of the family, they managed to raise even more than they needed in under a week,  by that, demonstrating, that photography is a more powerful tool than we often consider it to be, and it is able to influence lifes and make them better.
- mentor -
Vahan stepanyan

- students ( photographers / writers) -
Naneh Mouradian
Lusineh Aslanyan
Rozi Mkrtchyan
Mariam Mantashyan
Rima Torosyan
Nareh Honarchian
Stefani Harutyunyan
Lilia Mirzoyan
farm of hope / mentoring

farm of hope / mentoring