YWFT Gummy

If spontaneity is the stuff of life, YouWorkForThem’s latest display script is living its own life to the fullest, and that Life. Is. Sweet.

YWFT Gummy is a ridiculously friendly display font that marches to the beat of its own drum. Its casual handwriting is reminiscent of smooth marker written on the glass window of a candy store – just like the place you spent all of your loose change in as a child. Gummy’s natural strokes make it perfect for store front displays and product packaging for organically or home-grown wares. Vivacious and bold, Gummy is an especially playful choice for greeting cards and party invitations that want to add a visual element of fun through an upbeat font.

Whether you’re designing an event poster, a party flyer, or advertising the next big thing that’s coming to your town, Gummy’s excitement will grab the crowd’s attention and get your message noticed.

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