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Сolaboration with poweredby.tokyo and director Jeremy Rubier 
as an artist and art director
for this surreal documentary about me. 
The video is a reflection on the contrast of how I was first seen by people around in Japan,
as a cute girl, a right fit for “that one from Hello Kitty TV commercial”, 
and how my inner world really works. 
This video is an attempt to show the integral parts of my inner reality and different sides in photography, 
where a beholder is taken by hand and walked through a sequence of symbolic rooms, 
inhabited by alter-ego, fantasies and stories. 
All these stories are combined into a bigger one, 
where the edge between reality and imagination is erased or never existed.​​​​​​​
A poweredby.tokyo Production

Director: Jeremy Rubier

Creative Director: Chace Fedor

Art Director: Yulia Shur

Producer: Asako Tomotani

Special thanks to Dari Obukhova 
for putting my thoughts into words.