The Adventure of Magellan - Portraits
The Adventure of Magellan - Portraits

I was commissioned to create portraits of the key historical characters in Magellanes' expedition to complete the first circumnavegation of Earth for a collective book called "Around the World:The Adventure of Magellan" comprising a lot of top talents from the spanish comics and illustration panorama.

Following a common ground character design by Abel Ippólito, I got to do my personal take on these guys. It was fun and interesting. Especially Lapu-Lapu and Rajah Humabon, who I also got to design myself.

Inside the book the work is displayed in a sort of a small composition of the characters in the order shown here. So I tried to establish some narrative between them

For instance, Lapu-Lapu is facing left, directly opposing Elcano, as he was the ruler of Mactan Island who opposed the spanish conquerors ( and killed Magellan, by the way), depicted also with reddish tones to emphasise conflict and violence.

Rajah Humabon, on the other hand, was a traitor both to the rest of the Filipino tribes first and later to the conquerors. Therefore I depicted him giving the back to everyone, with grayish tones and evil look. This one is my favourite of the series!

Title: Around the World: The Adventure of Magellan
Coordinator: Abel Ippólito
Publisher: Junta de Andalucía
Country: Spain

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