Famous Australians Concept
Earlier this year I submitted a proposal for a new "Famous Australians" portal as I know it's one of the most popular destinations from Google for Behind the News because it's the #1 hit for that search term on Google. The only problem is, it's a dead zone that hasn't been touched in years.
My concept was to create a responsive framework that had a highly magazine front page on the Australian and then would scroll down to reveal all the content. The menu bar along the bottom would fix itself to the top as the user scrolled down. I didn't have time to mock the content below but I'd imagine it would just be a clean layout showcasing video, images galleries, audio and key info not found on wikipedia and making use of parrallax or other jscript enhancements (like NARR8 or Bridgewater State).
Most schools use Interactive Whitebaords (IWB) and so this mock shows how the site would look when viewed on a different device.