Ownership Rights: Havmor Ice Cream by Creativeland Asia

Brand: Havmor Ice Cream is one of India's leading ice cream brands. It has a diverse product basket with more than 160 varieties of ice cream flavours, ready to eat products, novelties and authentic kulfis, made with pure milk and the finest ingredients.

Brief: To design 'The Havmor Annual Diary'. Our thought revolved around creating an ice cream encyclopaedia comprising of 12 fun and cool, but pretty unknown, facts about ice cream. 

We wanted the illustrations to look light and pastel-like. We also wanted the colour scheme to be subdued but happy, so that the copy and the layout don't get submerged in the visuals. 

The final piece was approved, printed and has been published. 

Design mentored by: Eureka Alphonso
Illustrations: Sneha Dasgupta
Diary Title & Copy: Mukul Soni
Book jacket
Raw scans
Final illustrations