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    6th BFI Future Film Festival
6th BFI Future Film Festival
In February, the BFI hosts the annual Future Film Festival with a packed line up of workshops, masterclasses, networking opportunities, screenings and Q&As at BFI Southbank. Every session is designed to inspire and develop your film knowledge and skills. Young filmmakers are also invited to submit their short fiction, animation and documentary films for consideration at the Future Film Awards. The best films are shown during the Festival in front of a panel of industry experts who give feedback and advice.
I was selected and put forward by my University to take part in a competition and set of workshops to design the next BFI future film festival campaige. The competition involved other universities from around London.
Brief Workshop Description
The Future Design Workshop is a practical workshop for design students with the final aim of creating a marketing campaign for the BFI Future Film Festival.
The workshop is run over a couple of weeks and consists of two introductory lectures followed by group discussions, student presentations, peer-to-peer assessments and presentation of final product.
Each of the participant students is required to produce one final piece of artwork in the form of a poster launching the next edition of the Future Film Festival. The students then present their concepts to a panel of BFI marketing and festival managers, who select the most appropriate idea for the 2013 BFI Future Film Festival marketing campaign.
Key points from my reseach
I like how the festival exposes, highlights and showcases up and coming talent, putting them in the spotlight . 
In my artpiece, I wanted to add young people/faces, which I felt had been missing from the previous campaign. 
I think that having young people’s faces in the poster would be very good as it’s engaging and adds interest.
I think the use of bright colours would show that it’s a celebration, give an energetic feel and grab the attention of the viewer.
I wanted something very impacting and different, even abstract, that would really catch the eye of the passer by.
I noticed the use of light in past campaigns and wondered if it would possible to incorporate this focus too, as it seems to be a continuing theme of the Future Film Festival.
My idea came from people putting a torch or light source under their chin and only certain parts of the face being illuminated, which can look quite scary or shocking; this could have the impact element I’m looking for. It also relates to when people stand up in the cinema and only their heads are illuminated. 
I’m into making patterns, which are very bright, colourful and eye-catching. I wondered if I could incorporate them into this project. They would definitely grab the attention of the target audience and also appeal to the fashion conscious youth. I had an idea to use creative and colourful patterns, and project them onto people’s faces, bodies or objects. I managed to get a OHP and projected patterns onto a friend's face and my sisters faces. I played around with the white balance on camera until I was happy with the results.
Some taglines I made to go with my concept:
Shining a light on your creativity
Shining a light on future creativity
Let your creativity shine
Step into the spotlight
Move into the limelight
If I were to re-shoot I would add more expressive/engaged/excited/interested expressions.
I also think the larger solid block colour patterns work best.