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    Taking the issue of ugly/boring package design for the everyday product and turning it into something more interesting and provocative.
Issue & Solution
Ugly/boring pkg design; new solution
For this project, I tackled the issue of there being ugly, boring package design for everyday products, as well as there is a disconnect between the product bought and where it comes from. Using the organizing principles of humor, shape, ink, form, size, dimension, typography, texture and abnormality, a new packaging solution was created. For the milk packaging, I created a vessel that mimics the udder of a cow, which is where milk comes from. The packaging itself becomes an udder, which you would then squeeze the udder to get the milk out of. Many people would be uncomfortable doing this, but perhaps they should not drink milk if they can't understand where and how it comes to be in their refrigerator. The chicken packaging is along these same lines. The packaging would be covered in feathers, which would then spell out "Bird" and on the back of the packaging there would be an image of a bird, made out of feathers. This simple packaging strips away unnecessary information and just showcases the type of meat and from which animal it derives from. 
Proposal for milk packaging
Proposal for chicken packaging