I started this project very long time ago and will continue it for all my life. There are just some examples of my style here. If you would like to see more - welcome to my web page!
There are words to an old song, You will see the soul of the crystal reflected in the edges of mirrors, and you will see the soul of world reflected in the edges of dreams. In my artworks I try to go behind the usual understanding of things and events. I try to show another side of world, the edges of reality which reflect one another endlessly creating our universe. I think of the questions of life, death, creativity, and love. How does a soul come to this world? How does one separate dream and reality? How does love change the world? How does the mind of universe reflect itself in people and nature?
The Child. paper, watercolors. 2009.
Gamajun. Paper, watercolors. 2007.
Before Name. Paper, watercolors. 2007.
The One Who Told. Paper, watercolors. 2007.
The Gate of the Soul. Paper, watercolors. 19x23". 2010.
The Keeper of the Sky. Cardboard, watercolors. 16x20". 2000.
The messenger. The Entrance. Canvas, acrylics. 2010.
The Rupture herb. Canvas, acrylics. 2009.
The Sisters. Paper, watercolors. 2007.
Two. Paper, watercolors. 17x23" 2007.
The Summer. Paper, watercolors. 1997.
The Spell. Canvas, acrylics. 2012.
The Heart of The God. Canvas, acrylics. 2013.