Family Drawings
I've always loved to draw ever since I was small but I never really practiced everyday and was a bit timid with my progress. My oldest brother, Chuck, passed in 2006 and my life suddenly changed right before my eyes. He was the one who always encouraged me to do better, to pursue my career in the Arts and to keep on practicing. I was so lost when he passed and for some reason, I started drawing like crazy. I honed my style, developed the confidence I needed, and just appreciated the "art" in itself. The drawings helped me heal through those hard times. I miss my brother dearly and I promise to dedicate my first children's book in his memory. Here's a series of drawings depicting my family. Enjoy!
We always used to play "car" using only those old card board boxes. Those days were the best.
My oldest brother, Chuck. 
Here's my two older brothers and I reading comics. Groo the Wanderer was my favorite.
Here's my dad. He's a retired colonel in the Army. He always had that "buzz" cut and still has it until now :)
My oldest brother, Chuck, loved to cook. He was pretty darn good. Beef Curry was his specialty.
Miss those Thanksgiving Days.
My 2 older brothers loved to quarrel - of course the oldest one, Chuck, always seemed to win those fights :)
Oh, my 2 older brothers loved to scare the bejeeezers out of me when I was small. They would always tell me these ghost stories with the flash light under the face for props too.