Three Mobile
Three Mobile - Look Development Frames

I was contacted by Piranha Bar, Dublin to help create a series of images and models to be used for Three Mobile to be used across a number of media. The idea was to create something colourful and quirky. Sadly, due to time constraints, I couldn't finish all the frames for the client so I've taken some time to complete the set. The following is a selection of models and ideas I put forth for the brief.
Creative Process

Some behind the scenes images showing clay renders and wire frames.
 Also, some "back wall" designs for each of the assets.
Concept of mixing a number of musical instruments in a "floral" display.
Back Wall Design

The following is a collection of back walls that I modelled to give the scene more visual interest.
They varied in shape, colour and texture - from chalky blocks to bright, shiny plastics. 
Living room set opens to reveal each of the walls behind as the camera moves through the scenes
The Record Rolodex

This was set to be the hero object for the piece.