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    Personal work : Experimental
jux·ta·pose  (juk' st-po z' )
(tr.v.) jux·ta·posed,  jux·ta·pos·ing,  jux·ta·pos·es
      To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.
[French juxtaposer : Latin iuxta , close by; see yeug - in Indo-European roots + French poser,to place(from Old French; see pose 1).]
*ing:   Purab Kohli, Actor                                                                                                     Priyal Sokhiya, Photographer         
Concept and photography: Yakub Merchant
Creative Direction: Yakub Merchant
Assited by: Lalit Nene and Priyal Sokhiya
Post work: Priyal Sokhiya, Epigram Advertisng
Hair and Make Up: Sushil Charles, SMMASH, Bandra, Mumbai
Coustume Styling: Elle Ahmed
Location: Mehboob Studio, Mumbai