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    Solo exhibition at Unit 5 Galllery, London. 8th - 21st September 2017
 “Exhausting machine n°4” - 100 x 70 cm

 “Mirroring machine n°3” - 100 x 70 cm

 “Propagating machine n°2” - 70 x 50 cm

 “Resulting machine n°2” - 70 x 50 cm

"Interpretive machine n°5” - 70 x 50 cm

 “Crossing machine n°2” - 70 x 50 cm

 “Tuning machine n°7” - 50 x 35 cm

 “Sensing machine n°2” - 35 x 50 cm

 “Black machine n°3” - 35 x 50 cm

In “Scales” NEVERCREW wants to bring forward their constant reflection about the position that mankind occupy in reality, but more precisely inside systems, intended both as those created by mankind and those existing regardless. That position is the one that strongly influences its reality, the environment, as well as mankind itself. 
The focus is then on the relationship between mankind and nature, where nature becomes the element around which this relationship rotates, the litmus test that shows its condition: nature intended as human nature, emotional and physical, nature intended as the environment that’s conditioned by mankind, on which mankind is leant to survive and in which mankind risks to suffer the consequences of its own attitudes.
“Scales” then as relationships and proportions, to highlight the presence of many parts that contribute to create or ruin a balance. A game of natural counterweights, of which mankind is part, or obligated ones as countermeasures for the excesses, for the unbalance due to policies guided only by economical goals that in time have led to the habit about power abuse on men, animals and places, about social injustice, about the exploitation of resources, about the unscrupulous pollution also if visibly damaging and dangerous. 
“Scales” to recall the relationships of sizes and responsibilities inside a natural balance that’s constantly endangered, a social balance that’s intentionally compromised and the balance of mankind itself, that while it abandons empathy and awareness it risks to loose the connection with reality, with nature and therefore with its own humanity.