Pop-up Store Design for STARBUCKS
The Starbucks package
A third year academy project for Starbucks
BRIEF: "to design a new Starbucks pop-up store from a point of view of flexibility in space and time”
Worldwide presence 
Connecting humanity-Stories
Finest coffee

Unique coffee culture
25,000+ stores
75+ countries
Experiential brand

A pop-up store providing the sensorial experience of pure coffee, surprise element of the worldwide presence, with something very exciting to offer.
Bringing to you, the coffee tastes from around the world.
A package of complete 'sensorial' experience of any cafe culture of your choice. 
Through a virtually real journey of your coffee, from beans to the cup. 
A journey ending in the store in the area where you experienced the cafe culture of.
Customer journey
For example,
If you choose Indonesia, 

you get a Sumatra coffee card
When you show the card at the counter, you are provided with a VR headset and headphones. 
As a part of research i tried two 360 film made on a community.  I could experience the story as one among them, evoking empathy.
Here i have used an already existing film on the story of Sumatra coffee to explain the kind of narration in my mind. ​​​​​​​
The experience ends in the Starbucks store nearest to the origin of Sumatran coffee.  Thus providing a visual treat right before coffee tasting. Customers can either choose the store they always wanted to visit, thereby tasting the 'special' there, or the cafe culture they wanted to experience, there enjoying the beauty of the store as well.
Return the VR set at the counter, get the coffee, take the card home as a souvenir
The Pop-up - Exterior
A enlarged mobile Starbucks package to grab the attention of everyone which pops-up to form a store
Mood board & Color palette
Material explorations
Earthly feel, 
fresh daylight during good climate,
Roof is not opaque, allowing day light to create its own ambient lighting

Suits any location as long as the VR headset with the 360 degree video is ready to use.
Climatic factors
The roof is translucent shelter, protecting from rain, but close to nature too. 
The lateral walls can be kept open at any angle, for ventilation or during rain.
I believe creating memorable experiences evokes emotions. Just like the smell of coffee evokes a 
nostalgic emotion of the round table conversation we have in the garden, the coffee which makes
 our family bond stronger. 
Pop-up Store Design for STARBUCKS

Pop-up Store Design for STARBUCKS

A Pop-up store design concept for Starbucks.