INTO FLOW® is a design and film studio based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Consisting of a film director and a graphic designer, INTO FLOW® is a creative studio that focuses on visual art and design. Our creative style of works is flexible, fresh, and fun, and we put great emphasis on both the quality and aesthetics of our works.  

For companies and brands, we provide a thorough visual service, including identity system, packaging design, brand film, commercial message, video storytelling, and so on…; For artists and music bands, we provide an overall art directing on identity system, album packaging, music video production, and promotional graphic design. 

Aside from projects of clients, we makes our own INTO FLOW® products and design.

Flow refers to the mental state performed when we’re fully immersed in deep focus and even in the state of oblivion during the process of creation. We named our studio INTO FLOW®, so as to keep remembering and reminding ourselves of the happiness of being absorbed in creating works. We hope to build a close connection with our clients and at the same time continue to elevate the values of both sides.

Let's into the flow, and have a good trip!

由影像導演及平面設計師共同組成,INTO FLOW® 是一個專注於影像與設計的創意公司。靈活、新鮮有趣的創意、重視質感與美學,是 INTO FLOW® 的作品風格。我們為企業與品牌提供整體形象規劃:形象識別系統、商品包裝設計、品牌形象影片、商業廣告影片、故事短片⋯⋯等;為藝人、樂團提供整體藝術指導:形象識別、專輯包裝設計、音樂錄影帶製作、宣傳視覺設計等。

除了承接設計及影像專案之外,INTO FLOW® 也熱衷於發展自己的創作及產品開發。

「Flow」是指創作時完全投注、沈浸其中甚至忘我的「心流狀態」。工作室命名 INTO FLOW®,以此提醒及紀念沈浸創作的美好,也期盼與業主時時處於同一頻率創作,並一起不斷提升高度。


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