Red Queen
Red Queen
Work for the second stage of the contest "Car rendering challenge". The competition was held between the group participants in the Telegram
In the requirements of the contest it was necessary to render the car in the environment.
The choice was 2 cars: Jaguar and Lexus. I'm closer to "cat" and with this beauty I decided to do the project.
For the idea took a fragment with the Red Queen from "Alice in Wonderland" (like was the last screen version at the time of the contest). Perhaps the search for Jaguar references has influenced the idea, giving out the majority of "cats" of red color.
Then went the sketches, the study of modern parking, drawings and preliminary modeling of the scene. The next step was to add characters, reviving my project. In the scene with the Queen there were also cards, and servants, and Knave, but I decided that I could not have enough time for such a grandiose project and left a couple of characters.
I photographed the characters myself, in the studio. Thanks to my friends for agreeing to the shoot. I made another draft sketch and decided to move on to the final stage of modeling, and the texturing of the scene.
A separate stage is the adjustment of the car's materials and the setting of the light. Illumination I combined. The common light is the light of the scene itself, and the reflexes from the HDRI studio. By itself, there were render passes and RGB masks
The final frame with a 2: 1 aspect ratio. I collected everything in Photoshop.
It took us 2 weeks to work unhurriedly in the evenings (hours to 3) and a week of high-speed mode, from 6 pm and hours to 3 nights.
Work in the end did not take the first place, of course, but it was not in the rear either)
Thank you all for your attention. Comment on what you liked, what not, I will be grateful.
P.S. making of video to the project sawed, too, if there is blood from the eyes - I ask in advance sorry)

scene references
car lighting and marerials references
parking references
3dsMax scene modelling and test renders
photoshootong and testing light in scene
test renders
clear render
final result
That's all. Thank's!

Red Queen