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    A motion graphic piece & print design work for Nokia for the launch of the Live campaign in NYC.
Nokia LIVE
Year: 2006
Type: Motion Graphics, Print Design

Agency: The Upperstorey, Singapore
My Role: Talent Director, Illustration, and Design

Creative Director: Chye Yong Hock
Motion Design: Chye Yong Hock
3D Artist: Ian Lee
Talents: Denisa Mada, Milan

We made an animation for the launching of the 5200 line in New York for the Nokia LIVE event. This was also then used as a giveaway for the guests who attended the launching in NY. This is my first project that involved me in directing talents, shooting for video, etc. It was a great experience to have because my succeeding projects involved shooting and directing videos as well.

FAKE ALBUM COVERS: I designed around 20 fake album covers for the live action scene, someof them are my own personal illustrations, some of them I just designedrandomly. I also asked help from fellow designers, copy writers in the company to write poems, design albums as well so they all contribute to the project.

CD-SLEEVE: I also designed the print sleeve and cd-rom print for this project.