Appartamento Studio → Opening

We are new here! consisted in the opening weekend of Appartamento Studio. From 1st to 3rd December 2017 the studio opened for the first time its doors to the public in the curious and heterogeneous district of Santo Spirito, Florence. With a program of events spanning through film screening, exhibitions and nightly parties, we celebrated the beginning of this experience.

The concept of the event was based on the difficulty we encountered trying to define our design practices. We believe that deeply focusing on the concept brings out the most effective and unexpected outputs. Struggling in defining ourselves, we ironically banned some conventional and stereotyped expressions associated to many design jobs. For this reason, the only thing that mattered for us was presenting ourselves saying “we are new here!”.

The artifacts produced were a poster, a postcard and the official invitation. All of them were finished with the manual intervention of the erasure.

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Appartamento Studio → Opening