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CHALLENGE : In 1989, 14 female students were massacred at the University of Montreal. In response the White Ribbon Campaign was launched to work with men in ending violence against women. As one of the first ribbon campaigns they stood out. 20 years later, they became lost in a sea of other ribbon campaigns. No one knew or cared what they did. They needed a reintroduction to the world. SOLUTION : Rebrand and reposition White Ribbon by talking to men about what it really means to be a man. Honestly. In a way they could relate to.
A custom hand-carved type was created to authenticate the posters "AGRO Sans"
Within half-a-day, sites were torn down and vandalized and the conversation online and in the media began.
Posters drove to a landing page found at BE-A-MAN.CA
New Man-tra
Our site redesign included a BE / A / MAN topic aggregator.
Our online form allowed users write the NEW CODE OF MAN with us.
The "ManHug Movement" began sparking images and videos to flood White Ribbon which included various Canadian TV celebrities. 
Associate Creative Director (AD) : Dave Tupper
Associate Creative Director (Writer) : Jen Rossini
Writer : Brent Turnbull
Art Director : Marilyn Davis
Designer : Dave Tupper
Typographer / Artist (poster) : Georgia Hill
Typographer / Artist (custom typeface) : Ashley Eansor