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    Pudding Rush is an interactive Christmas game made for desktop and tablet (supports retina displays). Players chop, stir, squeeze and peel their … Read More
    Pudding Rush is an interactive Christmas game made for desktop and tablet (supports retina displays). Players chop, stir, squeeze and peel their way to making the best Christmas Pudding and becoming the ultimate Pudding Master! Read Less
About the game

Inspired by 'game imitates life' scenarios (such as Cooking Mama), Pudding Rush is a Christmas themed cooking style game whereby players are tasked with making a Christmas Pudding from scratch. By using a gesture based system, the game allows players to imitate real life actions such as peeling, chopping, stirring and squeezing which are designed to be intuitive, particularly on touch screen devices. The process is timed, so players are challenged to complete the tasks as fast as they can to complete their Christmas Pudding to become the ultimate Pudding Master!

It was a lot of fun to make, and a nice step away from every day work to do something totally driven by your ideas without boundaries -- I'd highly recommend it, it's all too easy to forget what blue sky looks like!

Play the game at www.puddingrush.com

Techy spec!

To help players along the way a number of feedback methods are deployed, including direct instruction, responsive feedback (such as 'good', 'great' and 'job done' which are displayed at different stages of a task) and visual helpers to assist in directing the player what they need to do to complete the task.

For the geekier amongst us ( :) ), the animation system for the game is designed to rely totally on native CSS3 transitions on browsers that support it, falling back to standard JavaScript animation where support does not exist; this allows for large performance boosts on modern browsers, especially for devices like the iPad which see a large benefit from utilizing CSS animation versus JavaScript animation. The height of the piece is variable to counteract the difference in heights, for example, on the iPad when viewing in browser with the browser bar versus when having added it to the homescreen (where the browser bar can be removed).

The visuals used in the game also support 2x resolution, on devices with high resolution displays (such as the 'retina' display) this allows for super crisp imagery (although quite a sizeable payload, but totally worth it!). Players on high-density devices are prompted at the beginning of the game if they would like to play it in 'HD', this is to offer the option to view in standard definition primarily due to the difference in the size of the imagery payload being quite a bit larger for those displays.

How it was made

A real Christmas Pudding was made in the process of making this game! (although by the end of making the game, it got a bit mouldy so I had to bin it booo!). All the imagery of the cooking process are real shots of a real world replica (true fact: it took a hell of a lot longer to make in real life than it does in the game!). With such a large amount of images it took a couple of days just to cut them out! Here's a selection of them:
The game

To get the real feel for the game it's best to give it a whirl! ( www.puddingrush.com )
Thanks for looking, and Merry Christmas! 
(If you're looking at this after Christmas 2012 this message is for Christmas 2013!)