These are a part of my deliverables in my MA assigment which was presenting the 7 Deadly Sins through Graphic Design applications.
During my research I noticed that the image of Hell as it is presented in Western Art, is mainly characterized by the fire, the many parallel actions in one scene, and the details in every part of the picture. I was wondering, however, if the idea of Hell can only be presented through pluralism, or can work and communicate its meaning through absolute minimalism.
So I chose the idea of Ice to present my own Hell, in an attempt to point out the importance of silence, of loneliness and isolation. Τhe importance of Ice that, even thought it doesn't look threatening, but if you crush on it the things are getting really dangerous.
I chose to "play with the phrase “When Hell Freezes Over”, that is the same with "Never" and I demonstrate how this never can really happen, and be even worse than a pandemonium of tortures and punishments, like Hieromynus Bosch presented to us.
Because today the people aren't afraid of the fire of Hell. They are afraid of the closed white envelope in which there are bad news. The closed white envelope with the results of a medical examination. The closed white envelope with the letter of a beloved one that is now gone.

All the boxes are made of the simplest shape, and are completely identical in size and construction. They only thing different between them is the different paper of which are made, with the material being directly connected to  the Sin that is depicted.
Here's Greed, full of little identical items that can't contain, but still looking like it's trying to gather more and more. It's made by Perrakis Curious Metallic paper, giving the packaging the impression of descreet luxury.
Lust is made by two boxes, of which the one side is open, and the one is inside the other, giving the idea of unity. It's made by Perrakis Silky, a smooth paper that feels like the human skin.
Here's Wrath, a damaged and torn box, made of a rough paper.
Here's Gluttony, a box that's not actually there because we ate it all, and there's only a piece of lid that remains. The surface is sticky and slimy.
Sloth is a box that's not even assembled, and it's covered with many different papers, stuff we can find easily at home without looking around much, some of them even already used.
Pride is the only absolutely vertical box among the others, making it easy to stand out. It's made by a very glossy, mirroring paper.
And finally Envy, a box that has taken elements of all the other sins both in the processing and in the material, but only in a small amount, so it ends up being a caricature. Even it's vertical position doesn't seem so proud here, because of the damage it has on the one side, trying to look like Wrath.