Things You Need To Know About Mouth Breathing
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Things You Need To Know About Mouth Breathing
It is unfortunate that people usually do not consider mouth breathing habit in their kids as something which can turn out to be dangerous. The matter of fact is that mouth breathing can lead to serious health conditions which you need to avoid in order to stay away from painfulness in your life. So, if you are witnessing your child breathing from his/her mouth instead of nose, it should be a red signal for you. Good news is that help your kids in getting rid of this habit is quite easier than letting them deal with it in the adulthood. By then, they will not find it easy to transform their habit of mouth breathing into the habit of nose breathing.
Why is it important to get rid of mouth breathing?
Here, you may still ask why it is important to replace this habit of mouth breathing into the habit of nose breathing in their kids. Well, there are a few reasons you need to keep into consideration here.
1. Teeth and braces

The younger generation has the problem of misaligned teeth more common. It may be due to genetic changes. Either way, misalignment of teeth is something which everyone wants to get rid of. Therefore, it is quite common for the parents to get their children the braces from orthodontists. Here, one thing that parents need to keep in mind is that the best way to let the braces do their job on time is to make sure that mouth is in ideal position for the major part of the time. It would not be the normal position of the mouth of your kid when he/she breathes from mouth. The mouth will be opened for almost the entire time, and the braces will have to be there on the teeth for much longer than they should.
2. Speech

Another problem which can occur due to mouth breathing is related to the speech. If you breathe from your mouth, you may develop the problem of lisp at some stage of your life.
3. Facial growth

This one is the big problem because you will start having your face developing in the way you wouldn’t want. When you breathe from your mouth, the face tends to grow in such a way that you will get the both ends of the both jaws coming close to each other. Furthermore, your face might start growing longer from the perspective of vertical length, and it will be less wide.
Things you can do to prevent mouth breathing in your kids

As mentioned above, prevention and treatment remain easier when you track and try to solve the problem in initial stages. Hence, you need to find the fix of mouth breathing in your kids in the early stages of their teenage, or may be prior to teenage. So, the first thing you need to look at is the position of mouth when it is in the resting posture. If you have found the problem, you can talk to the dentist.