Story Board
Hi guys, this is our latest work Done for Realimage production Dubai,
Models in the scene were created in Maya,also Rendering and texturing in Maya Mental Ray and post-production were made in After Effects.
Motion graphic was done using Cinema 4D & After Effects
I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate your Comments.Thx

Project: DAST opening video 2018

Production Company: Real Image TV Production (Dubai).

Director: Majdi Merza

Rao Rohith : Art Direction \ Project Lead \ Background Modeling \ Lighting \ Rendering \ Compositing 

Motion Graphic : Radhesh Krishna

Animation \ Camera : Osama Hwijeh.

Rigging : Angelo

All Background \ Dubai city : Rao Rohith,

Growing Tree \ cloud : Ahmed Ezz

Dubai Water canal \ Dubai City : Tarak Nath Biswas

Landmark \ Expo shot : Rosalie Ocon

Tram \ Cyclist Shot : Saleema Rani

Metro Shot \ Tesla : Jaymie San Muguel

Desert Shot : Fellipe Beckman

Car & Bus shot : Issa Barrakat

Dubai award for sustainable transport