Seventeen Line
/ Line Based 3D Alphabet
Client: Order Of Architects, P.P.C. of Rome and Province and Order Of Engineers Project: Materials for the promotion and research funds for ITALinUSA. Exhibition of italian architecture and engineering that will take place in the United States. A Project for Italy Forward 2013: year of the celebration of Italian culture in the United States.
Purpose: Create a graphic sign that communicate a convergence of intent, an harmonious collaboration of more professionals, leading to the creation of a technical project. The alphabet is a part of the work I have done for the exhibition. 
The space is generated by the endless repetition of lines. In this experiment, 17 lines generate three-dimensional letters. These signs are designed to be perceived in two different points of view, up or down, while remaining consistent in their formal structure. The angle of perspective and the distance between the planes are designed to superimpose the lines one on the other, from plane to plane. In this way, the sign remains as clean as possible by continuing to provide the eye of all relevant information to the perception of the letter.  
The letters become spaces and architectures abstract, timeless, born form a convergence and collaboration of different intentions (the lines). Representing one hand each project presented at the exhibition, on the other hand the exhibition itself, with its 17 projects.
Thanks to the Order of Architects
and Order of Engineers, the alphabet is my property and can be used in future for other purposes. If someone wants to use it, please contact me and I will be happy to provide it for free. 
Thanks for viewing :D