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All NFL Logos Redesigned
I didn't intend on redesigning all 32 logos, but after getting about 5 logos in I decided to go for it. I took chances with new colorways along with the new logos, some of which are bound to be hated. 
The NFL shield: Letters that follow the shield curve, a football that doesn't look dangerously pointy. 
Arizona Cardinals: Let's make this bird look like a bird. And of course, let's use that Arizona copper. 
Arizona Cardinals Option 2
The Cards have been in the desert long enough. Shouldn't they look like a desert cardinal? 
Atlanta Falcons: Sharp lines, no curves. Volt to match their hometown Hawks. 
Baltimore Ravens: Ravens should be dark, shimmery, and have hints of a Baltimore flag in their beak. 
Buffalo Bills: The 80s and early 90s are over, and somehow the Bills survived. Let's bring this brand into the present. 
Carolina Panthers: Plum and electric blue? It's beautiful and now you can wear your Hornets jersey to the game!
Chicago Bears: The wishbone C is iconic, but that mess of a bear is in dire need of a refresh. 
Cincinnati Bengals: I loathe teams that use nickname monograms instead of city/state/region monograms as their primary logo. 
Cleveland Browns: Dog logos just aren't working, but CB and a brown/white/brown stripe sure screams Browns to me. 
Dallas Cowboys: Let's give Big D a D to be proud of. 
Denver Broncos: Orange crush brought back!
Detroit Lions: Sleek, and perfect for the hood of a fast car. 
Green Bay Packers: I'm biased, but the Packers logo is perfect. This change cleans it up some and gives back the football points. 
Houston Texans: The Texans logo is beautiful. The colors are overdone. In the spirit of a logo redesign for all teams I went with a cattle brand secondary. 
Indianapolis Colts: I know. I know. I just said how much I hate nickname monograms, but the Colts horseshoe is too perfect not to use as a C. 
Jacksonville Jaguars: Both logos were close to getting it right, why not mix the two? 
Kansas City Chiefs: No black, more yellow.
Los Angeles Chargers: Rhinos charge, rhinos are underrepresented in sports. The Bolts get volt. 
Los Angeles Rams: An LA monogram is always a beautiful monogram, let's make it...horny. 
Las Vegas Raiders: A meaner raider, a touch of the Vegas sign.  
Miami Dolphins: Classic logo, new lines, new Miami colors. 
Minnesota Vikings: A bad man with a beard. Hipsters are going to love this. 
New England Patriots: Pat is back, and this time he's sporting evergreen from the flag of New England.
New Orleans Saints: The Saints finally earn their halo. 
New York Giants: You know what's giant in New York? The buildings. 
New York Jets: Kelly green is back, and so is an actual Jet. 
Philadelphia Eagles: Is that a Liberty Bell? 
Pittsburgh Steelers: We know it's the Steelers, it doesn't need to be written in 12 pt font on the logo. How about a P for Pitt?
San Francisco 49ers: Those gold-diggers went West in 1849, shouldn't the logo be a bit more Western?
Seattle Seahawks: Another great logo that was hard to redo. Some more Northwestern flair, a lot more lime.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: More creamsicle!!!
Tennessee Titans: A titan should have a beard, and flaming hair. 
Washington Redtails: Let's honor some great American heroes in our nation's capital, and while we're at it let's make insignia look a bit like the Washington DC flag. 
AFC East: Sometimes it bothers me how many white helmets are in the AFC East, but then I get over it. 
AFC North: A nice purple irridescence for the Ravens, a big stripe for the helmet without a logo, and charcoal for the Steelers. 
AFC South: Let's put that cattle brand on some leather, promote those flames in Nashville, and bring back the black/teal for the Jaguars. 
AFC West: Pretty standard stuff here. 
NFC East: That helmet has a red tail!
NFC North: Not a lot of changes here, but doesn't that Lions stripe look like the hood of a muscle car?
NFC South: The Jaguars have already screwed up the gradient helmet, might as well let the Falcons take a better shot at it. 
NFC West: Arizona inspired by a flag, SF inspired by a bridge. 
All NFL Logos Redesigned

All NFL Logos Redesigned


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