This campaign offered an interesting challenge in that I had to find a way to merge the art styles of three different IP: the inherently boxy style of Minecraft, the boxes and pegs of Lego, and the more rounded and cartoon-y style of Poptropica, which needed to be the most dominant since the experience was on Poptropica and had to feel integrated. This was achieved by sticking to rectangular shapes but giving them some roundness and variation while incorporating LEGO blocks illustrated in the Poptropica style.
Multi-platform Custom Advertising Experiences on Poptropica
Collaborating with the Art Director, developer and sales team to create custom advertising experiences for clients like Disney, Universal, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Fox, Cartoon Network, and many others on Poptropica (web and mobile game for kids with millions of monthly users). The experiences include a themed "building" as the exterior to the experience, which appears throughout Poptropica and draws players inside the experience where they can interact with characters from the product and play custom games to win special product related prizes for their avatar (costumes, special abilities, etc.), as well as watch video clips and see promotional materials for the product. 

These projects often include direct engagement with clients, multiple rounds of revisions as well as messaging changes throughout the flight of the campaign and writing custom proposals for that are themed around their product which include multiple options for games, prizes and the look and feel of the experience (sometimes including mock-ups for visual representations of the potential offer).