Ventura do Paço
Brand Managment // 2016 - 2018

Ventura do Paço is a brand of green wine that bets on quality and exclusivity. It started its activity in 2015 and in 2016 decided to challenge Inspirina to develop the brand, manage the contents and structure the business model to position itself in the market as a reference in the sector.

The name Ventura do Paço is inspired by the grandfather of the owners, who was a well-known poet from Vila do Conde. His poems spoke of the day-to-day, in a natural way and easily perceived by all. 

With the slogan "The True Nobility" we structure all the communication around this message, taking  the moments of our lives, and passing on the message that any act, provided it is pure, is noble.
Over time, we have produced not only content for social networks, but also all the material used by the brand to communicate, how we design the packaging and other communication elements.

Work in progress.