KANATITSA is a bridge to the realm of the fascinating Bulgarian folklore, which is often forgotten in modern day times. It is a blend between traditional music and contemporary electronics in a homogeneous body of work. The album is named after the ancient symbol Kanatitsa - a shape with mystical meaning, present in weavings and drawings of Bulgarian culture, as well as many other cultures throughout history around the world. For the album cover, we drew inspiration from our rich traditions in costume and headdress. A custom headpiece was created unique to the photoshoot, blending the traditional with the present trends in folk costume.

The album is available at shop.ivanshopov.com in CD and Vinyl, and free at Spotify.

Production: Whaleworx Studio
Client: Ivan Shopov 
Creative Direction & Graphic Design: Emanuela Belovarski / Whaleworx Studio
Photography: Ivaylo Petrov / Whaleworx Studio
Costume design: Silvia Vladimirova
Model: Irena Milyankova
MUAH: Marina Mladenova
Custom headpiece: Jordan Simonski