In Europe daily household trash is segregated into five sections: paper, plastic, metal, glass and compost. However, not all other countries follow the same system. If we make this small change, we will make a giant step towards a better recycling system.
Inspired by this fact, the idea of project Trash Talk was concieved.
By strategically placing posters around the city of San Francisco,
it directs urban residents to the website. Here they could get information about the cause and mission and also sign the petition to support it. Finally, when t
he adequate number of people sign the petition, the book would be passed on to the decision makers to help bring about a change for the better. Below are the posters, website, icons/stickers and book made for the project.

The posters direct the urban residents to the website where they can learn more information about the cause and sign the Trash Talk petition. They can also download the icons and stickers and tag the trash cans in their neighbourhood and upload pictures on the website. This will inspire and encourage people from around the city to do the same.
Below are the stickers with the icons made to promoto Trash Talk and it's mission.
When the adequate number of people sign the petition, the Trash Talk book will be forwarded to the decision makers to encourage them to pass a law to bring about the change.
Project Trash Talk was featured at the Here and Now: Students on Show exhibit by Spur, a San Francisco based organization that specializes in urban planning and research. The exhibit addressed prevalent social and physical issues facing our world today and featured student work from accross the Bay Area. The exhibit showcased work from various disciplines including architecture, urban planning and graphic design among others. Here are a few photographs from the same.