TurnPlay - vinyl player for iPad
At first, there was vinyl. It brought an abundance of pleasant moments and impressions to many music lovers. However, as technology has evolved, music transformed into a more convenient digital format, forcing vinyl records out of the mass production.
Buying your favorite music on this medium and joining the fascinating process of sound control requires a lot of time and money. For that reason the popularity of vinyl music declined rapidly. So we'd decided to create an application that can push vinyl to the next level and chose iPad as a platform for that.
We spent days exploring Technic's turntables to revive analogue experience and implement it in touch user interface. TurnPlay is made to be realistic and capable of conveying the process of playing vinyl.
Every detail was executed with extraordinary precision.
The turntable was designed to incredibly high standards. We took everything we’ve learned about making GUI interfaces and iOS development and implemented it in TurnPlay.
Check it out by yourself!
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