Bunch of older works I did for contests, practice and for fun.
Sweet Dreams - Entry for a contest by William Tsang.
Egg Seller - A piece I did for Easter 2009.
Baby Dancing Lion - Something I came out with during the Chinese New Year.
Calendar Thief - A piece for New Year 2009, sort of like a metaphor on how time flies.
Frilled with Love - A piece for Valentine's Day.
End of all Dreams - My entry for the Dream contest in Deviant Art.
My entry for a local contest held by Gempakstarz, won myself a 3rd place with this.
Opposum Christmas - Have yourself an awesome possum Christmast! A piece for Christmas 2009.
Happy Halloween 2010
Entry for a small contest in DeviantArt.
You're suppose to fly dummy.....FLY WILL YA?
Merry Christmas guys :)
Happy Chinese New Year 2011