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    Some fanart of Thrasher Magazine, paying homage to Neck Face, Ed Templeton, Jim Flora, and a million other people
Thrasher Magazine

As a part of my MFA, I recreated a Thrasher Magazine cover inspired by 1940/50's illustrator Jim Flora, a bit of street artist Neck Face, and certainly Toy Machine / Ed Templeton.
I wanted to capture the absurdity of what a skateboarder goes through to capture a cover photo, or really any trick be it captured or not. Using guiding lines and general shape / size hierarchy, I tried to keep the eye moving from the top of the stairs, down, and looping back up top as you follow the crash, shoe, and up to the skateboard which is meant to point you back to the character's first attempt again. Mimicking that seemingly never-ending loop of attempts it takes to roll away on a skateboard successfully.