Our end of year project had a very open brief. We had to 'design a range of campaign items for a company, product or service of our choice'. I decided to do something that has been in the back of my mind for a while and design a gardening kit for people with limited space and/or limited gardening experience, but who still rather fancy the idea of growing some of their own food.

I came up with a company 'Home Grown', an inner city gardening store who would provide all the supplies, equipment and advice needed to start and maintain a small urban food garden. Home Grown would specialize in starter kits, designed to take the guess work out of gardening.

The idea behind this kit is that it provides absolutely everything you need to successfully grown salad greens on your balcony or patio. Included are self watering containers, dehydrated potting mix (complete with slow release plant food), seeds (measured precisely for each pot), gloves, a trowel and full instructions. The kit is designed to be both a practical item that people will purchase for themselves and also to appeal as a gift.
Hand drawn text was used for the logo and on the packaging to help convey a friendly, organic image.
The packaging is designed to be able to slide on and off to allow customers to check out the contents before purchase.
 The lettuce leaves were hand drawn, scanned, then painted in Photoshop.
Inside the kit. The gloves, trowel, seed pack and instructions are fastened to a board that sits on the lip of the pot to allow for safe transport. Under this board is the dehydrated coir block potting mix, and under this is the self watering tray for the second pot. Two pots are included to allow for a continuous supply of salad by staggering the planting.
Seed folder with individual seed sachets.
Icons were made in Illustrator using a tablet to get a hand drawn look.
Instruction card with step by step guide and tips for success.
Coir potting media is made from coconut husks, which is otherwise a waste product. It is 100% organic, disease free, has great water retention properties and can be added to other potting mixes or dug into the garden after it has been used.