This is part of a collection of large scale artworks I designed and illustrated for some of lululemon athletica's stores in 2008. The artworks were intended to be hung behind the cash desks. The choice of imagery and concepts was open to my interpretation, but the piece had to include a selection of the lululemon manifesto. 
This particular piece was originally designed for the Palmer Square, NJ store.
The artwork is a multiayered and printed on bamboo plywood.

Fabrication and printing by Seaport Graphics in Boston, MA.
size: 3'6" x 9'

rough drawing (ink and pencil on tracing paper)
final vectorised ink rendering of the foreground element
detail of inked and vecotrised foreground element
detail of inked & vectorised foreground element
detail of background element (ink and brush)
photograph of foreground element printed on bamboo plywood, prior to cutting (photo courtesy of Seaport Graphics)
final artwork printed on bamboo plywood (printed and assembled by Seaport Graphics)