Hara Chulha is a sustainable food brand in India. Literally, the word 'hara' is Hindi for the color green and 'chulha' translates to stove. In rural India, food is often cooked on a stone stove (or chulha) powered by biogas or gobar , and though it is eco-friendly, this mode of cooking produces a lot of soot and smoke. Hence, the idea of a green chulha is a paradox in itself.

Hara Chulha aims to bring organic and sustainable food to the masses of Delhi. By collaborating with farmers in and around Delhi, it aims to make organic and sustainable food affordable and accessible. 

The three main services that Hara Chulha provides are sustainable and organic produce as well as cooked meals, a bus restaurant called " The Grasshopper" which serves organic global cuisine at various locations around Delhi and home delivery of the organic produce as well as cooked food. 

The website deals with the relevance of the brand as well as an ecommerce portal to buy the produce and cooked food. 

The website was created using Adobe Muse and the online version can be seen here http://harachulha.businesscatalyst.com 

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