The design of the cover for Kamil Pivot's "Tato Hemingway" was a collective work. The subject matter of the texts that were on the album built various scenarios how to approach to graphic design. We decided that the best and most natural solution would be putting the illustration sphere in the hands of Tadzio, a 6-year-old son of Kamil. The boy prepared literally hundreds of drawings, which we later divided into various subgroups. Some of them depicted figures, some objects, and others were just abstract figures. In each of these subgroups it was possible to extract further collections, taking into account the selection of visual means or drawing a completely different line (Tadzio Sosnowski - remember the name!). We decided to create a cover that will be an orderly mess. We did not care about the design rules, the composition rules or the fact that the tracklist partially climbs onto the ridge.

The second element important for this album were coloring pages created by Jacek Walesiak - original illustrations metaphorically referring to the content of all 8 songs from the album. The same coloring pages printed in 100x100cm format served as props for music videos. A video was created for each of the songs, on which Kamil Pivot together with the whole family colors the picture referring to a given song.

An important aspect of this record was that the author released it by himself. From studio, mix, mastering, to cover printing and making music videos - everything was created without the support of any label. In addition, the author gives 4 PLN of each disc sold for the Pajacyk children's feeding program. This is the average cost of a warm meal at school, which the Polish Humanitarian Organization funds. The entire first release of 530 discs sold out in a month. Kamil decided to rerelease an album, this time in the number of 550 pieces. In this case, we decided to introduce small changes to the digipack layout in order to appreciate those who supported the artist from the very beginning and that the CD collectors could distinguish the first edition from the second. Although 3 months have not passed since the launch, the offer of selling the CD from the first circulation already appears on the auction portals. They cost 3 times as much as Kamil sold them. The album has a very good reception among both journalists and listeners. It was noticed by the largest media in Poland. The second edition, therefore, will probably sell in the near future, thanks to which we will be able to draw further Tadzio's drawings and put them on the third edition.


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Creative Direction: UVMW
Illustrations: Tadzio Sosnowski
Coloring Pages: Jacek Walesiak
Kamil Pivot: Facebook / Youtube /
Photos: Aleksandra Pavoni